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Marriage is a sacrament

In marriage each partner becomes the channel of gods love to the other

God is present when the vows are made and a sacramental bond is created which lasts regardless of what happens in human relationships

Marriage is the sacrament in which baptised men and women vow to belong to each other in a permanent and exclusive sexual partnerships of loving mutual care concern and shared responsibility in the hope of having children and bringing up a family.

The purpose of Marriage

man and woman will be united together by heart body and mind

the gift of marriage brings husband and wife together in the delight and tenderness of sexual union and joyful commitment to the end of their lives.

marriage is permanent life giving and exclusive


divorce is the legal termination of a marriage leaving the couple free to remarry who they like

adultery is where 2 people have sex by consent but one or both of them is already married to someone else or an affair.

why do couples get divorced

domestic violence


one is career minded and neglects the other

one is away from home a lot and so they fall out of love or drift apart

one is infertile and the other is desperate for a child

money arguments

one has an affair

one finds out they are gay or lesbian

and arguments over children

Why are some christians against divorce?

Catholics regard marriage as a life long commitment with promises made in front of god

Catholics regard marriage as a sacrament and say that it cannot be ended.only by god

Where can couples get help?

couples can get help from both ACCORD and RELATE 

accord shows compassion for couples in difficulty not disapproval and reminds them of strict church teachings. it stresses that only couples…


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