Marriage and Family Life Exam Questions

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C) Explain why family life has changed in the United Kingdom. (8 Marks)

-Couples have less children as more contraception is avalible.

-Divorce is more common as it is socially accepted and women have more independence to divorce their husbands now if they wanted to.

-Same sex couples with children. Homosexuality was made legal in 1967, civil partnership is open to them so they can get the same rights as a same-sex couple.

-Pre-marital sex is more common this could be so they can check their compatability or to make their children apart of their wedding.

C) Explain why most Christians are against sex outside of marriage. (8 Marks)

-Adultery is looked down upon by Christians as it says in the 10 commandments to not commit adultery.

-Increased chance of Abortion. Not a good enviroment for a child so parents might abort child to keep from raising a child in that condition.

-"Your body is a temple for the holy spirit." Don't give your body to someone who cannot commit. It could lead to promiscuity as well.

-Increased risk of STIs. We must look after our bodies.

C) Explain how the purposes of marriage are shown in the


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