Mark's Gospel: Background

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Who Mark was, and sources of the Gospel

Who is Mark?

·         Mark wrote his Gospel in 64AD, Rome, Italy.

·         He was a friend of Peter, and knew Paul.

·         He could be John Mark.

·         He wrote the Gospel to provide early Christians a guide for living, and giving hope to a persecuted Church.

·         Well educated, and knew Greek.

Sources of the Gospel

·         Peter gave Mark eye witness detail.

·         Oral Tradition: Other disciples told Mark verbally

·         Mark read many documents, such as Document Q, or the passion narratives

·         Divine encounter with God, who told him everything


Who read the Gospel, and how it is used today

Who read Mark's Gospel?

·         Jesus 30AD: Jesus mainly spoke to Jewish audiences, with some Gentiles, who were all being persecuted by the Romans in 30AD

·         Mark's Rome 64AD: Mark lived in Rome in 64AD. He was in a Christian community, who were being persecuted by the Romans (they were falsely blamed for starting the fire that destroyed Rome.

How is the Gospel used today?

·         There are many Christians who are persecuted, in places such as Latin America. The Gospel would make them feel empowered. It's a Gospel of hope in the face of terror.

·         Although there are Christians who aren't persecuted or tortured, they are exposed to the pressures of




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