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food additives

food additives enhance rhe food in different ways:

  • preserving food by stopping growth of bacteria
  • colouring food in products where colour is lost during manucature e.g jams
  • keeping foods stable e.g. emulsifiers which prvent separation of liquids
  • sweetening
  • adding nutritional value
  • improving taste/smell

food additives are called E numbers. this meand they have been approved for use in the EU.

some people are allergic to certain food additives, and some food additives degrade the nutritional value of the product.

standard food components

standard food components are pre-prepared ingredients such as stock cubes, pizza bases, ready-to-roll icing, marzipan, readymade pastry, pasta sauces etc.


  • saves time
  • less skilled workers needed
  • less machinery = saves money
  • quality guarunteed
  • consistency
  • safer = avoid cross-contamination
  • more hygienic
  • can be bought in bulk
  • saves money


  • rely on other manufacturers
  • components may be expensive
  • might not taste as good as fresh ingredients
  • storage space may be needed (unless just-in-time method where components/ingredients are ordered when needed).



  • name of product and description
  • ingredients in descending weight order including…


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