mao's agricultural and industrial policies

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Mao had to tackle the problem of food shortage or disaster would strike

the agrarian reform:

the agrarian reform law in 1950 was introduced by mao. village land was shared between peasants

peasants were encouraged to put landlords on trials in 'peoples courts'. landlords were accused of crimes eg charging high rents and mistreating tenants.

1952-land reform was complete and 60<% of the population benefited.

however 750 000 to one million people were killed

an estimation of one landlord family in 6 had a member killed.

even though land reforms removed the threat of landlords and won the support of peasants for communists, the food shortage problem still had not been solved.

the cooperatives and collective farms:

peasants formed mutual aid teams and peasants worked on each others land so every familys plot was more productive. this was maos first step to collective farms

from 1953 mao encouraged peasants to form cooperatives. land was jointly owened so one large crop could be grown efficiently. cooperative farms typically had between 30-50 families joining their…


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