Managing The UK's water

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The demand for water is different across the UK.

The places with good supply aren't the same as highest demand (bigger population).

The north & west have high supplies but the south east and midlands have high demand.

South east & Midlands = water deficit. North & West = water surplus.

The demand for water in UK is increasing. Over past 25 years demand has gone up by 50%.

The population of the UK is set to increase by 10 million in next 20 years.

UK needs to manage supply of water:

  • Transfer water to areas of surplus to areas of deficit. (eg Birmingham supplied by Wales).
  • However, dams/aqueducts are expensive, could affect wildlife, might be political issues (might not want water given to another country).
  • Can build more reservoirs to store more water. However, could involve flooding current settlements and relocating people.
  • Fixing leaky…


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