Managing Urban Change Key question 1

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Key Question One

Case Studies 

Leeds, Rio.

Leeds/Rio function;


Historically the Textile centre in the world.

Now has Legal serivces, (Six of the largest firms out of london)

Building Societies (Yorshire is the centre for them)

Expanding on telephone-based professional services

Historically The diamond centre for South America 

Used to trade sugar, how city formed around port.

Now has a large Tourism and Finacial industry

Recreation and Leisure;

25 minute drive for Yorkshire dales

Leeds festival


Concorvado Mountain 'statue of Christ'

Beaches (Near tropic of Capricorn)

Maracana Stadium 

2016 Olympics


The trinity centre

Mills renovated into boutique hotels

La Americans football stadium

Housing residential;

Old victorian factories renovated into luxury flats

High class gated residentials into the centre of Rio

La Barra suburb

La Favellas

Land use patterns that develop in urban areas;


CBD district (Central Business district); 

Large shops and offices, Resturants, cafes,theatres ect.

Luxury housing, bussinesses ect

Outer suburb;

housing estates, new shopping centres, parks and other areas.

Favellas, recent informal housing LEDC.


Old industrial


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