man hunt and mametz wood

  • Created by: kayla21
  • Created on: 08-03-20 18:02
  • Theme of war
  • Poem shows the impact and effects of war 'a chit of bone', 'in boots that outlasted them' and 'blown hinge of his lower jaw', 'punctured lung', 'sweating unexploded mine'
  • Reconnection and rediscovering
  • Written about an experience
  • 'China plate of a shoulder plate' and 'porcelain collar bone'
  • Listing of body parts - damage and injury 'a chit of bone the china plate of a shoulder blade', 'broken bird's egg of a skull' and 'blown hinge of his lower jaw', 'damaged porcelain collar bone', 'parachute silk of his punctured lung', 'climb…


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