Malaysia (Tropical Rainforest) - Case study

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Malaysia is situated in South East Asia. The natural vegetation here is rainforest. In the past the country was 60% rainforest. Now it is onle 18% rainforest.

Threats to the rainforest:

  • Logging - Borneo is the world's largest tropical wood exporter. Clear felling destroyed habitats. Now, only selective logging occurs, but it still reduces the tree numbers. Malaysia has lots of logging policies but it is suspected that illegal logging still occurs. Slopes being felled cause mudslides and erosion.
  • Energy - Thousands of hectares of forest will be flooded to provide hydro-electric power. 10,000 people will be forced to move.
  • Mining - Tin mining and smelting is the main mining industry in Malaysia. Areas of rainforests are being felled to make roads to the mines. Mining activities have led to land and river pollution.
  • Commercial plantations - Malaysia produces oild palm and rubber…


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