Making a Living, World of Work

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Making a Living and World of Work Revision

Primary – working with raw materials from the land or sea

Secondary – making or manufacturing products

Tertiary – employed in providing a service

Quaternary – employed in industries providing information and expert help

The Clark Fisher Model – shows how as an economy grows the relative importance of different sectors changes. S axis shows three stages; pre industrial, industrial and post industrial


Industrialisation – moving from primary to secondary industry

De-industrialisation – decline in secondary industries

Informal economy – refers to all economic activities that fall outside the formal economy. It is economic activity that is neither taxed nor monitored by a government and is not included in the country's GDP.

Diversify – means to create more variety in jobs and industry so that people are not dependent on one activity

Brownfield site – an area of land that has been used before and is suitable for redevelopment

Greenfield site – an area of land that has not been previously built on

Old economy – mainly based around production and manufacture on a large scale in an industry environment with mainly male employment locally or regionally based. Job specification skills using cheap land, good transport and power.

New economy – production of knowledges, ideas and services on a global scale with a lot of importance on human resources using electronic networks. The labour force is


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