Making A Case - interviewing suspects

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Vrig and Mann - detecting lies

  • test police officers ability to detect deception
  • field experiment
  • 52 uniformed officers
  • lecture on interviewing suspects - 8 clips from videotaped press conferences where people were asking for help in finding relatives.
  • 5 clips people had been later convicted of the crime
  • watched a clip and answered 4 questions: is the person lying? how confident of that are you? can you understand what the person is saying? are there any behaviour cues that you spotted?
  • 49/52 officers no better at detecting lies than if they were guessing
  • only 3 officers were right 80% of the time
  • age, length of service and experience had no effect
  • men better than women

Inbau - interrogation techniques

  • direct positive confrontation - suspect told directly that they are believed to have committed the offence
  • theme development - interrogator suggests to the suspect possible reasons for the crime, which minimise involvement or culpability. Aim is to show sympathy making it easier to admit guilt
  • handling denials - interrogator interrupts denials to prevent suspect gaining the psychological advantage
  • overcoming objections -


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