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Corrective Maintenance

  • Purpose: To fix any bugs that are found in the system

  E.g. reports truncate some text; E.g. 31 is able to be entered as a day for June; E.g. the system ‘crashes’ / ‘hangs’ intermittently


    •  If corrective maintenance takes place: The system will run more accurately; Integrity of data can be maintained; Users will be happier using the system
    • If corrective maintenance does not take place: Errors will continue to occur; The integrity of data could be compromised; Users will become frustrated with the bugs in the system; The system will not be as productive as it should (efficient)


Perfective Maintenance

  •  During reviews, suggestions may be made that will improve the system: These are not ‘corrections’; They are ideas to make the system run better; They may be enhancements or new features


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