Maintaining Body Temperature – Endotherms

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Maintaining Body Temperature – Endotherms



·        Internal sources of heat to maintain body temp.

·        Many chemical reactions – exergonic – release heat energy.

·        Increase rate of respiration in liver to release heat – using energy intake for warmth

·        Use behavioural (e.g. basking in sun) /physiological (e.g. redirecting blood away from skin) too.



·        Constant body temp. despite external

·        Activity possible in cool temp. e.g. night/early morning/winter

·        Can inhabit colder parts of planet.



·        Lot of energy intake used for body temp. maintain in cold.

·        More food needed

·        Less energy for growth – more food needed to grow.



Temperature Regulation - Physiological

Sweat gland :

·         secrete sweat » water evaporates




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