Mains Electricity- P6 Physics, GCSE

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Mains Supply:

-The UK mains supply is around 230V
-Mains Electricity is produced by generators, using electromagnetic induction

-The AC supply means that the current is constantly changing direction

-DC is used by batteries, meaning that the current only flows one way i.e in the same direction

-AC is used for mains electricity as it is easy to generate and can be distributed more efficiently 

Inducing a voltage:

Moving a magnet in or near a coil of wire can create a voltage and maybe a current in a conductor.

The magnetic field through the coil changes as the magnet is moved.

The change in magnetic field induces a voltage, allowing a current to flow through the wire, if it's part of a complete circuit

The direction of the voltage depends on which way you move the magnet:

-Moving the magnetic into the coil induces a voltage in the opposite direction from when you move it out of the coil

-Reversing the magnet's North-South polarity. If the opposite pole is pointed into the coil, the voltage induced is in the opposite direction.

AC generators:

These generate electricity.

Within a generator, a magnet rotates in a coil of wire, and as the magnetic turns, the magnetic field within the coil changes. The change in magnetic field


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