Mains Electricity


The electircty which come through plugs and is delieverd to our homes is called mains electricity. This electricty is different to the one we get from cells in a circuit as the voltage is larger and it has alternating current.

The electricity flows into our homes through cables. There are three wires inside mains cables. 

  • Green and Yellow is the Earth wire - this prevents electric shock and has no voltage
  • Brown is the live wire - this has an alternating voltage from postive to negative
  • Blue is the neutual wire - this is earthed to the local substation and has a voltage very close to zero, it's main use is to complete the circuit. 

Each wire has a different place inside a plug. Here is a diagram of how to plug a wire correctly.

( easy way to remember where each wire goes is: 

The bLue wire goes to the left. (Neutrual wire)

The bRown wire goes to the right. (Live Wire) 

The remaining earth wire is found at the top of the plug. 

Saftety - Mains electricity has a very high…


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