Main current beliefs of the Labour Party

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  • Labour now accepts that economic activity should be based largely on free markets with little government intervention. They also believe that taxation on both private individuals and businesses should be kept as low as possible to promote enterprise. Combating inflation is a key priority, as is the promotion of an enterprise culture. They believe that the best response to poverty is not to redistrubute income from rich to poor, but to offer tax credits to the 'deserving poor' - those on low pay, seeking work, poor pensioners, or families with children. Welfare benefits should be an incentive to work not a disincentive.
  • Education at all levels is a priority and is seen as the best way to spread opportunity more evenly whilse creating  a more effective, wealth creating work force. It is also seen as a weapon against youth crime.
  • Health provision is seen as another key priority and…


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