Electromagnetism- G395

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  • Electromagnets- if two currents travel in SAME direction, they ATTRACT; flux wants to get straighter and shorter. If two currents in OPPOSITE direction, they REPEL.
  • Flux lines: flux density decreases as flux spacing increases. Current decreases the further away flux is.

You can strengthen an electromagnet by :

- more coil turns

- increase current.         Φ= ANI

 - increase permeability by using a soft iron core (permeability: the permeance of 1m² of a material.) A= µA/L. To increase permeability, increase surface area, decrease length.

- decrease the air gap around the magnet: flux can also occur through air (flux leakage)

  •  Motors convert electrical energy --> kinetic energy. Use left hand rule. 
  • Generators convert kinetic energy --> electrical energy. Use right hand…


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