Magnetic fields

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  • Magnetic field- a region of space around a magnet where magnetic forces act on objects
  • The magnetic field is only there when there's current
  • The shape of the magnetic field around a single wire- concentric circles
  • If a wire is looped into a coil -solenoid
  • If a current-carrying wire is placed inside another magnetic field, the 2 magnetic fields interact+ push on each other-> creates a force on the wire- motor effect
  • If the wire is parallel to the magnetic field-> there is no force acting on the wire
  • The arrows on the field lines always point from the North Pole of the magnet to the South Pole

The size of the force can be increased by:

  • Increasing the strenght of the magnetic field, e.g. by using a stronger magnet
  • Increasing the size of the current in the wire

The direction of the force on the wire can be reversed by:


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