Magistrates notes

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  • deals with civil cases as well as criminal
  • maximum sentencing of up to 6 months for 1 offence
  • have to apply to become a magistrate
  • they are lay people
  • magistrate court- sit on bench
  • sit in thier local area-local knowledge
  • all cases start in the magistrates and then get transferred
  • 96% of all criminal cases
  • duties-bail decisions-sentencing-fine-transfer-listening to cases
  • some crimes are too serious to be heard
  • lesten to evidence before giving a verdict
  • deaql with-family disputes,shop lifting
  • required to give full reasons for thier decision
  • come from wide range of occupations to achieve a balanced bench in terms of age race gender and political view
  • required to sit for 26 half days
  • different stages to on…


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