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Magistrates were alson known as Justice of the Peace up until 1195. They hear two differant types of offences:

1) Summery offences (driving offenses)

2) Triable either way offenses (ABH and theft)

In relation to Indictable offenses the magistrates job is to her preliminary hearings in order to transfer proceedings to the crown court.

Other roles of a magistrate consist of: hear applications for bail, issueing warrants to the police for arrest, extend period of custody, youth court and family proceedings, sentence the defendent, and hear appeals in the crown court.

In order to qualify to be a magistrate you need to be between the ages of 18-65 and live or work near to the area they magistrate.

To be a magistrate you need to show these 6 qualities:

1) Good character

2) Understanding and communication

3) Social awareness

4) Maturity

5) Sound Judgement

6) Commitment and Reliability

If you have a serious convivtion and are involved in a administrive of law (police) you cannot be a magistrate.

You apply to be a magistrate on directgov website, an advisory committe checks your references. Interviews are arranged and consist of two magistrates and one other. There will be two interviews 1) will examine character 2) Will include sentence exercises.

You will then be viewed by the committee…


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