Macro and Micro Sociological Explanations of Punishment

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Mechanical Societies

  • Little divison of labour
  • Traditional society
  • "Conscience collective"
  • Law as penal and repressive
  • Crime not against individual- but whole society
  • So punishment is treated the same

Organic Societies

  • Different segments
  • Highly organised and mutually dependent
  • Complex divison of labour
  • Individualistic- due to different life experiences, beliefs, values, etc
  • Law and punishment is also individualistic
  • Law is less severe and focuses on restitution
  • Growth of restorative law mirrors growth in organic solidarity

Punishment is used to uphold social solidarity and reinforce it


Economic base determines the law 

  • Power and wealth of Bourgoesie used to reinforce their ideals into other areas of society, e.g law, education, etc
  • Each form of punishment has its own economy, e.g fines cannot exist without a financial economy 

Ideological Class Struggles

  • E.P Thompson- The law is the "arena" in which the struggles occur
  • "Rules of Terror" by the ruling class over the poor
  • Used by…


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