Macbeth Charecters



At first he is shown to be a very rightouse man with an incredible qamount of courage. This is told by both the Seargant and Ross who bothe fought beside him. this is shown in the line 'Yes as sparrows eagles or as the hare the lion showing that they were always brave and fighting. However after seeing the witches he turns into another charecter completely which even he says after killing Duncan 'To know my deed 'twere best not know myself'. This shows that he is constantly thinking about it. He meets banquo one night,Banquo says that he dreamed of the witches last night which shows that they are ever present. Macbeth has dreamt about them aswell bu he is  lying to himself about it showing that they are controlling him.


Banquo is also shown to be righteous and very couragous in the first battle since the Seargeant is also talking about him. The real Banquo




doesn't include many of the main characters. what about Malcom and Donaldbain?