Macbeth quote and analysis




“My thought, whose murder yet is but fantastical” (MACBETH) 

From the starts he shows signs of being able to murder a king and go against the divine right of god however it is only in his imagination, this links to later in the play when he has gone too far and cant stop. “Vaulting ambition, which o’erleaps itself” he has a sense of urgency and aspiration to kill and violate the divine right of kings. This change in ambition shows how he cant go back and inevitably making him aware of his evil however still leads to dismiss it as his ambition drives and powers him to sin. He is going over his point of ambition to failure to when it beats himself and he isn't able to handle all of his ambition, to the point where he loses all control and ambition and power controls him

“It is too full o’th’milk of human kindness” (LADY MACBETH)

She worries that macbeth is too kind to deal with a murder, give babies milk calling macbeth a baby, milk is white shwoing the purity but also how easily lady macbeth can sway and manipulate macbeth. This is very ironic because she tells him to be brave however this ambition and drive takes a negative toll on both of them driving them crazy, showing how something so small can make two people go insane just from this drive and ambition. Lady macbeth repels the stereotype of women as she become the dominant figure

“Thriftless ambition, that will ravin up” (ROSS)
Rosse recognises Macbeths drive for ambition as being overpowering and overtaking 


“Stars, hide your fires, let not light see my deep and dark desires, the eye wink at the hand” (MACBETH)

The use of the light imagery represents Macbeth's fear of exposing his internal wicked desires, one of Macbeth's weaknesses is being two-faced, he presents respect on one hand however he is deceitful and is truly evil, he does this due to the great power he holds. This highlights his cowardice so he uses deception instead of honesty because he knows the outcomes of treason he will face. The rhyming couplet in the quote are used to create an incantation reminiscent of the witches, showing their similar mentality and the power the witches hold over him as they are changing his speech. Macbeth can't control his power as he doesn't want his eyes to see what his hands do and he doesn’t want to believe it, he is conflicted but his greed for power is too strong meaning he can’t control his actions as he has already started to descend in mortality. This shows his flawed humanity in the ruthless pursuit of power 

“Thou canst not say i did it” (MACBETH)

Macbeth's flawed character becomes increasingly more apparent with the use of the pronoun directly addressed to Banquo's ghost highlighting his human weakness. The Ghost becomes a manifestation of guilt and this guilt is irrepressible highlighting his weakness which is


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