Macbeth- Act 1 Scene 3 (Key Quotes)



  • ‘Doth unfix my hair / And make my seated heart knock at my ribs / Against the use of nature’.
    • Macbeth says this in an aside (a conversation to himself).
    • Macbeth feels afraid because something would have to happen to King Duncan for him to become king. He might even have to harm King Duncan.
    • At this point in the play, he does not want to harm King Duncan, as he recognises the Divine Right of Kings, knowing that King Duncan was chosen by God to rule Scotland.
    • He also feels a sense of loyalty to his friend.


  • ‘So fair and foul a day I have not seen’
    • Macbeth enters the stage for the first time in this scene. This is his first line of the play.
    • This is important because it shows he knows about the trouble in nature. Things are mixed up and strange.
    • This foreshadows (indicates something in the future) the conflict that will soon happen.
  • This could also show how Macbeth’s personality and feelings are mixed, and that the play will show his true nature.


  • ‘Oftentimes, to win us


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