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semantic change is when a meaning changes, words which remain part of a language for many years often change their meaning over time. this is known as semantic change.

language changes all the time without you really noticing e.g metaphors like surfing the net are now used without thinking as are words like rip to chords. burn to copy froma cd 

slang develops as they give new meaning and colloqial words. for example the following words are used to express approval: cool buzzing safe mint

a word can develop into a more positive or negative meaning come words change their meaning altogether for example tomboy used to mean rude, boisterous boy but is used now only used to refer to grils who act in what is percieved ina  boyish way. porridge is used to refer to soup containing meat and vegetables but now means cereal made of oatmeal and milk.bimbo was originally a term for fellow or chap. it then took on negative connotations and came to mean stupid man before eventually being a term aimed exclusively at women

sometimes a word ends up making less of an impact than it used to. this is known as weakening. for example, the word 

giving examples discuss the impact that political correctness has had on semantic change.

political correctness can cause semantic change 

in the last thirty years politcal correctness has had a major impact on how language…


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