Ludwigg Wittgenstein

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Ludwigg Wittgenstein

Early Wittgenstein

  • Wrote Tractatus looking at picture language - where words are used to represent the world
  • This influenced the corrospondance theory of truth - where words corrospond to an image
  • His quote 'whereof one cannot speak, one must remain silent' was influential for verificationists in arguing the meaningless of religious language

Later Wittgenstein

  • Wittgenstein left philosophy but returned with a second book: Philosophical investigations
  • This looked specifically at how words are used and how language is learnt
  • Wittgenstein dismissed picture language and argued that we learn language in a context - E.g. 'Box' is a fight or a storage facility - it depends on the context
  • Wittgenstein developped this non-cognative approach into a


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