Love's Philosophy

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Love's Philosophy-Percy Bysshe Shelly

Compare to When We Two Parted

Extra Detail:

  • Philosophy means knowledge.
  • 2 Stanzas
    • Represents the two of them
    • Rigid 8 line form
  • Enjambment
  • Persuasation 
    • The narrator  uses personification to show the natural examples giving, recieving and benefitting from love - this emphasises his point that love itself is natural and neccesssary
  • ABAB structure
  • Structure
    • Tightly structured to be pursuasive 
    • Using majority of each stanza to build up evidence to support his argument that everything in nature is supposed to come together.
    • Rhetorical questions
      • Emphasises the contrast between nature and the narraotors situation
  • Masculine rhyme or single rhyme - only the last syllable of the words rhyme (e.g destroy, enjoy, plane, explain)
  • Feminine rhyme or double rhyme - two syllables at the end of the words whyme (e.g label, table, mingle, single)
    • He uses both of these to add to the idea of merging man and woman together.


  • Romaticism 
    • A dislike to urban life and embraces the natural world
    • A love of the supernatural
    • Use of ordinary everyday language
    • (e.g "Fountains"-natural springs, "Law divine"-a law of God that connot be changed by man)


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