Loves Dog


Loves Dog

Ideas/ theme - designed to really make the reader think. invites the reader to contemplate the abstract nature of the topic. 

Language (quotes) - The poem opens with a stanza laden with medical imagery. Love's "diagnosis‟ is a metaphor used to describe that moment when a person realises that their symptoms of a racing pulse and butterflies in their stomach are due to having fallen in love. 

                                  - "Diagnosis‟ is paired with "prognosis‟, another medical term. The narrator hates thinking about how the relationship might develop, and seems to shy away from predictions about the future, suggesting that they know relationships can die off as well as flourish, any relationship can bring risk as well as rewards. 

                                  - This sense of risk continues to be explored throughout the poem. For example, the "burnt toast‟ of line 13 is a symbol for all the little squabbles and full-blown arguments sparked off by a small, domestic mishap. 

                                  - The language in this poem evokes a sense of magic. In line 4, the narrator alludes to the transformative food and drink from Alice in Wonderland with the words "Eat-me/Drink-me‟. Later in line 7, the narrator also admits that they love love's "truth serum‟. All these suggest the narrator enjoys the heady feelings of intoxication brought about by the power of love. 

                                   - However, as is often the case with magic, effects can be unexpected or mutable. When once they enjoyed the "Drink-me‟ potion which makes…


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