LOTF Character Analysis Simon

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Jesus One interpretation of Simon could be that he represents Jesus. Parables in the Bible, Simon's talk with the Lord of the Flies and, ultimately, his death result in Simon being portrayed as the Christ figure in the story.  Selfless: 

  • Stays to help Ralph build the shelters. "Simon. He helps. All the rest rushed off. He's done as much work as I have".
  • He picks the fruit for the "little 'uns" when they couldn't reach. "Simon pulled of the choicest from the endless outstretched hands." The story of Jesus feeding the 5000 can be compared to this.


  • Some of the things he says are unusual or strange. Ralph notices this when he says, "He's queer. He's funny."
  • After the boys killed him, Simon seems to be lifted into the afterlife/heaven. " lifted a fraction of an inch from the sand ... surrounded by…




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