Lord of the flies themes

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Good and Evil

Order and discipline

Crowd mentality

Cold war paranoia

Good and Evil

  • The conch group and the savages- Ralph and Jack
  • Boys and the terrifying beast
  • Attempts of being rescued and imprisionment on the island

The conch symbolises organisation and order with the construction of the shelters and also they want organisation because it is an chaotic island. Intelligence also represents the good side of the theme because they decide to make a fire to signal ships in order to get rescued. However evil is represented when a serious act of death happens when the boy with the birthmark gets killed in the fire, but good is brought out of it when Ralph takes leadership of the whole situation.

Order and discipline

Golding was unhappy with the public school tradition which back then was firm discipline.

  • No adults on the island
  • Lets the boys actions and desires run free.

In this theme it shows a lot about the three main characters and that is that:

  • Jacks a dictator and a murderer
  • Piggy is always a victim and gets killed because of this
  • Ralph is a natural leader

The murder of Piggy and Jack being a murderer would have been restricted if they were all at school because Jacks actions would have been restricted, however bad discipline


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