Lord Of The Flies notes on setting and surroundings

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Island: The Island is boat shaped which symbolises rescue, the boys don't need to look externally for salvation. Only they can save themselves. It is within them, on the island and not necessarily from the adult world

The Sea: The sea cages the boys in. The boys begin to fear that the beast may come out from the water or the sea. This shows that they fear everything around them and are becoming paranoid. There are a number of quotes linking the sea or ocean to things that the boys would be used to like leaves. This shows how the boys are fearing everything like they fear the sea, even things they would be more used to, even each other, even themselves. The sea washes away Simon and Piggy's bodies and this shows how the sea is the only way of escape, either by boat or death

The mountain: The mountain is where the boys have the fire at first, this shows they believe it can support


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