Lord of the Flies. Heathside

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Chapter 1- Sound of the shell


 British school children been evacuated from a war zone, plane crashes on an island and all the adults on the plane die. Ralph and Piggy meet on the beach, the introduce themselves and enjoy swimming in the lagoon the island seems like a magical place. Piggy finds a conch , Ralph uses the conch like a trumpet to call for other survivors. One group arrives in uniform led by Jack. The boys elect Ralph as chief. Ralph asks Jack to lead the choir and become hunters. Piggy takes names. Ralph, Jack and Simon go to look for other life on the island, they push a large rock down a hill shouting with delight as it crashes. As they go back to the others they see a pig, Jack gets out a knife to kill it but can't bring himself to draw blood and so the pig gets away.


'all around him the long scar smashed into the jungle was a bath of heat'

'mildness about this mouth and eyes that proclaimed no devil' (Ralph)

'sucks to you ***-mar!'

'daddy taught me, hes


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