Lord of the Flies- Fire on the mountain

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  • Jack, Simon and Ralph, return from exploring and Ralph blows the conch to assemble a meeting where he confirms that they are on an unibated island. 
  • Jack says that he needs an army to hunt, while Ralph is more intrested on practical issues.
  • The younger boys express their concern about a 'Beastie' on the island (voiced by the young boy with the birth mark.
  • At Ralph's suggestion, the boys agree to start a fire to attract the attention of passing ships
  • Jack offers to keep the fire going- ordering his hunters to work in rotation.
  • The fire on the mountain- top, started using Piggy's glasses, burns out of control.
  • Piggy tells the boys they need to 'act proper' if they are to be rescued 
  • Piggy discovers the boy with the birthmark is missing.



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