Lord Liverpool

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Lord Liverpool was prime Minister after assassination of Spencer Perceval from 1812-27 but was faced with many difficulties.

Dealt with these problems by introducing unpopular laws such as corn law of 1815.

Problems facing the country at the time:

National debt: increased to £902 million. Working classes had to pay more through an increase in indirect taxes.

Urban poverty: industrialisation brought squalor to working classes in cities, had poor diet.

Rural poverty: Enclosure movement forced poorer farmers off land, farmers suffered when war was over.

Unemployment: end of war meant reduction in demand for goods associated with it and unemployment of 400,000 soldiers.

Voting rights: Lower classes unable to make themselves heard, didn't have the vote.

Challenge of radical movement:

Radical movement demanded fairer political system where the masses would have a say.

Luddites showed hatred of industrialists by smashing machinery between 1812…


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