Looking for meaning

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Looking for meaning revision notes

Atheist – someone who doesn't believe in the existence of god

Theist – someone who believes that god exists

Agnostic – someone who believes we cannot be certain whether god exists or not

Reasons for believing in god

Reasons for not believing in god

The universe must have been designed (scientific laws, DNA, complex mechanisms, order)

Therefore – there must be a designer and the only possible designer is god

Everything must have a cause – cause of the universe is god

There must be a reason for us being here – only God can give lives meaning and purpose

Because so many people believe in him, he must exist


purpose and meaning and hope and guidance

the way you were brought up

religious experience

Scientific explanations (the big bang theory and evolution)

The existence of evil and suffering

if he cant he isn't – omnipotent

if he won't he isn't – benevolent

if he doesn't know he isn't – omniscient

natural disasters – no design

religion restricts and limits the belief of what is possible

no solid evidence

Christianity – What is god like?

God as Creator

God made life on earth, the universe and everything in it

God is all powerful – omnipotent

In the bible – god created life on earth

Some Christians believe god uses science to bring things into being

God as Jesus

Christians believe god sent Jesus as his son to help teach people of earth

Jesus is part of the holy trinity and part of god

God as Spirit

Christians believe that god has no physical body

God is not male or female

God is everywhere – omnipresent and outside time and space

God and Free Will

Christians belie that god gave humans freewill (we have to choose what we do)

When people choose the wrong thing this can lead to evil and suffering

The Holy Trinity

The Trinity represents god as three things

The father – god as a father figure of authority

The son – gods human side

The holy spirit – god as a divine force

Within many religions believers will possess or wear certain objects that they consider have a deeper meaning or help them express their belief in god. Often these symbols are considered sacred by the believers and can be used as an aid to worship.

The Cross – represents the sacrifice and suffering Jesus made and went through and is a reminder of the death and resurrection of Jesus

The Trinity – represents that god is one but is made


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