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What is God like?

  • Wise
  • Immortal
  • Mircle maker
  • Good
  • Vengeful

What qualities do people think God has?

  • Not a pushover
  • Man/Woman
  • Vengeful
  • Mythical

What ways have people said they have experienced God in life?

  • Possessions
  • Mircles
  • Voices
  • Visions
  • Dreams

Mircle - Supernatural happening that wouldn't normally happen

An inner feeling - a feeling that a person has, they just know that God is with them

How do people respond to God through worship?

  • Experience in seeing God - vision
  • Respond to God by changing their life e.g. a person works in their community to help other people

What is euthanasia? What are the arguement for/against about euthanasia?

  • Sanctity of Life - means all life is special e.g. killing is wrong
  • Free will - means you can do any action you like e.g. you can commit suicide
  • Hospice - is a place that cares for people who are dying

1. Sanctity of life is the belief that all life is sacred and unique. All religions believe that God or a supreme being gave…


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