- Written by William Blake. 

- About the French Revoultion. 

- Also focus on the songs of innocence and of experience which look about how innocence is lost. 

- What the Poem's about. 

    -> Walk around the city of London.

    -> Says everyone he meets are affected by misery and despair.

    -> Misery seems relentless. No one can escape it - even the young and innocent.

    -> People in power seem to be behind the problems, and do ntohing to help the people.

- Form

    -> Dramatic monologue -  first-person narrtor speaks passionately and personally about the suffering he sees.

    -> ABAB rhyme scheme is unbroken and seems to echo the relentless misery of the city.

    -> Regular rhythm could reflect the sound of his feet as he trudges around.

- Structure.



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