Loftus and Palmer Methodology

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As the study was a laboratory experiment it was possible to control the independent variable, so the verb could be systematically varied. This was a strength because it enabled Loftus and Palmer to measure the effect of the verb on estimation of speed. Another strength of the lab experiment is that extraneous variables can be controlled. An example in this research is the time allowed to encode and delay prior to recall.

A further strength is that demand characteristics were reduced due to the randomisation of film clips in experiment 1, and the position of the leading question in experiment 2. This question was embedded in the list of 10 questions and appeared in a random position. This meant the participants were unlikely to guess the aim of the experiment and perform in a way they believed the researchers wanted.

The research also has good external reliability as the findings of this experiment are consistent with the replications. For example the study by Loftus and Zanni after watching a film of a car accident participants were asking


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