Loftus and Palmer

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Name: Loftus and Palmer

Aim: To see the effect of leading questions on memory

Participants: Exp1- 45 students, Exp2- 150 students.

Procedure: Exp1- 45 students watched 7 clips (between 5 and 30 secs long). They were split into 5 groups filled in a questionnaire after each one giving an account of the video and then some specific questions with a critcal question (About how fast were the cars going when they... (bumped/hit/smashed/contacted/collided) into/with each other)). 

Procedure: Exp2- 150 students saw a 1 minute film. They were split into 3 groups and then were asked to describe what they saw in their own words and asked a series of questions, the critical question was again about the speed of the cars (How fast were the cars going


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