Location of uk sovereignty changed- marks

No. 3 To what extent has the location of sovereignty in the UK changed in recent years?

AO1 Knowledge and understanding Key knowledge and understanding 

Full knowledge and understanding of the meaning of sovereignty. Knowledge shown of distinctions between the classic account of sovereignty and political meanings of the softer, more flexible approach to sovereignty. The legal sovereignty of parliament is mainly challenged by the EU. Knowledge of the relationship between the UK and the EU should be full and exemplified. Devolution is often seen as a de facto transfer of sovereignty. Knowledge of the relationships between Westminster and the devolved administrations. Referendums can also be seen in the same light as devolution. Investigation of the transfer of political sovereignty over a long period to executive government and the prime minister. There should be a clear statement of how legal sovereignty remains with parliament.

Level 3  14-20 Marks
Good to excellent knowledge and understanding of both aspects of sovereignty and the ways in which they have…


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