Local Ecological Conservation Area

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Sinfin Moor Park and Nature Reserve

  • covers an area of 38 hectares
  • located on the rural-urban fringe- 5 miles south of Derby
  • stakeholders include- Derbyshire County Council, Natural England, Severn Trent Water, Friends of Sinfin Moor Park and Nature Reserve (formed 2008)
  • to the south of sinfin moor there is a golf course
  • housing the the north
  • school to the west
  • sports pitch

The habitats on the site fall into several UK Biodiverisity Action Plans (BAPs):
- Wildflower and rich grassland
- Standing open water such as ponds- these are dug up and created to restore wetland
- Hedgerow grassland

The habitats are import to maintain as many rare and birds of significance use the area such as Long Eared Owl, Grey Heron and Snipe. Also over 15 species of butterfly are found at Sinfin…


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