Local Area Hazards

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Describe the natural hazards that threaten a named local area (5)

Derbyshire - Global warming is threatening Derbyshire with natural hazards.  Derbysire could get 3 degrees warmer by 2080. This results in hotter and drier summers threatening Derbyshire with droughts. Also, floods and storms could increase due to warmer sea temps so increased evaporation and therefore rainfall. In 2080, there is expected to be an incease of 10-20% of rainfall, exacerbating the threat of floods and storms. In areas such as Derbyshire, population size is incrasing and in order to accomodate for these people, more imperemable surfaces are built which further strengthens the liklihood of a flood as the water cannot soak into the ground like it would if there was a permeable surface such as soil. 

Suggest how hazard vulnerability in a local area can be assessed? (10)

  • Disaster Risk Equation - risk = magnitude/frequency x vulnerability/ capacity to cope
  • Vulnerability e.g. what an area is like before a hazard, wealth, poor building design (no earthquake proof buildings), education, poor preparation, population density, remoteness, health, communication etc.
  • If the economy of the area is good and if people are wealthy then they…


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