Living Spaces

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Living Spaces Revision

What affects our view of living spaces?

  • Age

  • Mobility

  • Cultural background

  • Knowledge and perception

  • Economic status

  • Family (children etc.)

What affects the quality of a living space?

  • Social (crime, healthcare)

  • Economic (jobs, services, infrastructures)

  • Political (democracy, political stability)

  • Environmental (relief, water, pollution)

The Rural Idyll – DEVELOPED countries

Rural areas close to the city – high demand – makes them expensive – means local people can't afford them

Many people living in urban areas like the idea of rural life – weekend retreats

like to live in rural areas but be close to the city

perception is that rural areas have...

* less crime

* less pollution

* less traffic

* open spaces

* friendly communities

Counter urbanisation – the movement of people out


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