living the muslim life

significance of halal and haram

  • commanded in the qur'an
  • obeying allahs rules means that a good after life awaits them
  • taught by muhammad so muslims follow his example
  • reminds muslims that islam is a way of life and shows devotion as they follow the rules

greater and lesser jihad and effects on life

  • greater jihad is where a muslim struggles to over come inner evil in ones life, it is a struggle for muslims in a non islamic country and makes them a better muslim
  • lesser jihad is the struggle for a muslim to overcome injustice in their society, this does not mean forcing people to convert to islam but encouraging them and protecting the ummah
  • war can occur if it is in defence of islam but war in only a peaceful way e.g. talking
  • life should always be a struggle for islam to show allah that they have tried to be the best muslim when it comes to the day of judgement
  • perfect muslims must follow the 5 pillars and fulfill shari'ah law
  • then they must attempt to make others around them muslim
  • jihad can be hard because muslims may feel they are not getting anywhere and then they could give up
  • also lesser jihad can lead to terrorism

significance of islamic birth cermonies

  • as soon as a baby is born adhan must be recited in its right ear as well as aqama in the left ear to introduce it to islam
  • a week or so after birth there should be an aqiqa and the hair must be shaved, the hair is weighed and that sum of money is given to the poor
  • muslim boys are circumcised as the prophets were
  • a muslim baby is a joyess occasion as it increases the ummah
  • theyre fulfilling allahs wish to procreate
  • the ceremony is important because it allows the child to be a good muslim from birth

significance of islamic death rituals

  • there should be no loud crying at death because muhammad says it helps the devil to enter
  • shahadah should be said as theyre dying to ensure they die peacefully
  • janazah prayer should be said
  • simplicity…


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