Living Space.

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- Written by Imtiaz Dharker. 

- Raised in Glasgow but it's about the housing in Mumbai, India. 

- What the Poems About. 

    -> Describing of a badly built building. 

    -> Somebody lives in the building. 

    -> Describes about how eggs are fragile but they also represent some hope for the future. 

- Form. 

    -> Irregular form, using stanzas and lines of different lengths. 

    -> Lack of regular rhyme and rhythm and enjabment across lines and stanzas emphasise the disorder of the place. 

    -> Final 2 stanzas are one long sentence - growing sense of wonder. 

- Structure. 

    -> Split into 2 parts

    -> Opens with a description of an unstable building. 

    -> 2nd and 3rd stanzas the mood shifts and the speaker…


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