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1. Triglycerides

  • Made up of one molecule of glycerol and three molecules of fatty acids attached
  • Fatty acid molecules have long tails made of hydrocarbons
  • Hydrophobic tails - lipids insoluble in water
  • All fatty aicds - same basic structure but tail varies

2. Phospholipids

  • Found in cell membranes
  • Similar to triglycerides but one fatty acod molecule is replaced by a phosphate group
  • Phosphate group ionised (electrically charged) - attracted to water molecules
  • The phosphate is hydrophillic, but the rest is hydrophobic

3. Cholesterol

  • Often found in cell membranes
  • Also used to make steroids
  • Has a hydrocarbon ring structure attached to a hydrocarbon tail
  • Hydrocarbon ring…




Nice summary of notes. Thanks

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