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What are lipids made from?

  • Lipids are made from a variety of different components, but they all contain hydrocarbons. 
  • There are three types of lipids you need to know about.


  • 1 molecule of Glycerol and three fatty acids
  • The fatty acids are joined to the glycerol molecule by an ester bond. 
  • Fatty acid molecules have long hydrocarbon tails (hydrophobic) and glycerol heads (hydrophyllic).
  • The tails are hydrophoic and this makes them insoluble in water.


  • Energy storage- Tails contain lots of chemical energy (Twice as much as carbohydrates)
  • Insoluble- Water does not enter cell by osmosis, the bundle together with the tails facing inwards and the heads on the outside. 

Fatty Acids:

  • Same structure - Different tails


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