Linking Key Historians To Different Debates

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W.R.D JONES: 'The 11 years (ruled by 'little Tudors' in comparison to Henry and Elizabeth who were seen as the 'big Tudors') was marked with religious strife, inefficient governing and failures in social, economic and foreign policy terms.

JENNIFER LOACH AND ROBERT TITTLER: The period of little Tudors experienced much that was significant

PENRY WILLIAMS: 'Until the Protector fall in October 1549, Edward was a cypher in politics, exercising little influence of his own'.

HAIGH: Church attendance and the number of priests being ordained dropped from. The amount of people donating to churches dropped from 70% in 1540 to 32% in Edwards reign.

SUSAN BRIGDEN: Only 20% of Londeners were…


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