Line for Blood Brothers


(The Mothers lines)

Oh it's smashing thankyou Mrs Lyons,it's a lovely house it's a pleasure to clean it!

Oh with Mr Lyons being away and that yeah?When does he get back Mrs Lyons?

Ah you'll be glad won't you?The house will feel empty till he's back

You can't have any?

Ah yeah,it's werid isn't,here's you can't have any,and me i can't stop having them.Me husband used to say that all we'd have to do is shake hands and i'd be in the club again...I'm expecting another you know

Oh but look,it's alright.I'll still be able to do the work.Having babies it's like clockwork for me,i'll be back on my feet and working the next day.If i have it at the weekend i'll be back on my feet and working the next day i won't even need to take the day off,i love this job you know and we can just get by now..Well i'll go do the bathroom now and...Jesus Christ Mrs Lyons,what are you doing?

The Shoes..the shoes

On the table,take them of the table!!Oh god mrs lyons you never put new shoes on a table,you never what will happen

No.But you never put new shoes on a table

Act 1 Scene 5

I had it all worked out.We were just getting straight with one more baby we could have managed..But not with two!The welfares already been on to me,they say i'm incable of controling the kids i've already got.They say i should put them into care but i wont!Because i love them,i love the bones of everyone of them.I'll even love these two twins but like they say at the welfare kids can't live on love alone..

Give one of them to you?

But i've how the?

well i…


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