Life of mother vs life of child

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Pregnancy has large impact on mother - physiological and emotional issue may occur - places mothers body at risk. Can abortion be morally right to protect the mothers life?

Issue of conflicting interests-

Danger of death - ectopic pregnancy - will kill both baby and mother 

Pregnancy may aggravate existing health problems

Medication for mother during pregnancy is very limited

Self Defence issue-

If pregnancy threatens mothers life - abortion is a defensive measure - unreasonable to sacrifice own life for the life of another (especially when potential) 

cardiac condition and burning house analogy - even if fetus has right to life - does not outweigh mothers choice to have an abortion

Violinist example - pregnant woman justified by "unhooking" , even if resulting in its death

Only covers **** - "kidnapped and hooked up to violinist"

Double effect issue sometimes permissible to do a good act knowing it will bring about bad consequences - provided your intentions are moral, you can


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